In 1992 our moving and storage businesses were booming and were extremely successful, but I was burnt out. I was working 7 days a week, 80-100 hours a week. We had two young children, and the businesses were taking too much of my wife’s and my time. It was time to exit the Washington D.C. area.

We had visited Roanoke, Virginia, a few times. We thought the mountains were beautiful. We knew the schools were good. People seemed to have strong values, were laid back, and were friendly.

Roanoke was a decent-sized city without being a huge metropolitan area, and it was pretty easy to get around. We knew it was the place for us. We sold off all of the assets of our three businesses, and we moved to Roanoke in 1993.

When we arrived in Roanoke, we started a new moving company. This time we committed to keeping the business down to a three-or-four-truck operation. We didn’t know a soul in the Roanoke moving industry. We started from scratch, and I went back on the trucks.

We decided to call our new company Heritage Moving & Storage, Inc., because we wanted to communicate that we had a strong track record, that we were forming our family tradition, and that we were going to continue that tradition into the next generation.

My daughter, Jessica, eventually joined in the business. We were grateful and proud to be  in Roanoke, growing as a family, and serving other families in the area. As we continue our story, we’ll share how we arrived in Charleston and started Plantation Moving & Storage, Inc. We’re excited about this new chapter, and we want to be the professional moving company that you choose for your local or long-distance move.