Considering hiring a moving company? At Plantation Moving & Storage Inc., we can handle your packing, moving, and storage with excellence.

Once we determine the size of your move by conducting a walk-through in your home, we can determine number of men and trucks needed to do the job. This allows us to give you an accurate price for your move. Here’s how we look at it:

The price of your move is based on an hourly rate for “move time.” (The hourly rate varies depending on the time of the year.)

“Move time” is the time it takes for loading and unloading your belongings. For every room of furniture you have, you can estimate about one hour of move time. Some rooms take 45 minutes. Some take 1.5 hours. Averaged over the whole move, it’s about an hour per room. The more rooms of furniture you have, the closer to the hour you’ll be. If you only have a couple of rooms, you may be closer to 45 minutes per room.

For up to 6-7 rooms of furniture, we typically use a three-man crew and one truck. For more than 6-7 rooms, we use a crew of four or five movers¬†and two trucks (or two trips). If you you have a big move, we still want to finish the job in 7 -8 hours, which is why we add to the crew. If you have a four-bedroom house, we could use a three-man crew, but the job would take 10-12 hours. That’s too much wear and tear on you, our customer, and on our movers.

If you’re moving around the corner, we can make two trips using one truck. If you’re moving an hour away, we’ll use two trucks to save time and make the move more economical for you.

If fuel costs spike, we do not raise our hourly rates. Instead, we may add a fuel charge to offset some of the fuel costs. With Plantation Moving & Storage Inc., you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for.

We have been moving families, individuals, and businesses since 1993, and our experience in the moving industry goes back to 1975. If you live in Charleston, Summerville, Goose Creek, North Charleston, or anywhere in South Carolina, let our family move your family!